Listen To Life

Dr. Joey Faucette

Have You Looked At Your Hands Lately?

Recently I built some things around the farm which meant I was sawing and hammering and drilling. I hadn’t done anything like that in a while so that night, my hands were sore. So I took some pain reliever and put a little antibiotic cream on my knuckles.  

Then I just looked at my hands.  And I thought about how, when I was toddling around, my hands broke my fall until I learned how to stand up and walk.  My hands picked up our teenaged daughters when they were toddlers and fell down. I eat with my hands and I fed our daughters when they couldn’t feed themselves with my hands.  Even when I’m not wearing it like when I’m working, my wedding band leaves its mark on my hand.  And I suppose one day, my hands will give my daughters’ hands in marriage.  When I was a little boy, I folded my hands in prayer.  And when our daughters were small, I taught them how to fold their hands in prayer.

Our hands pass on the positive in life, don’t they?  So live positive and work positive with your hands today.