Listen To Life

Dr. Joey Faucette

What Lifts Your Emotions?

I remember from my childhood watching my grandmother make rolls. I was fascinated with the process of mixing the ingredients, kneading the dough in the big bread bowl, but most fascinating of all was when she pinched off the rolls from the dough and set them out to rise.  It was almost like magic, watching the rolls rise before my very eyes.

I remember asking her, “What makes the rolls do that?” and her saying, “The yeast.”  

How does the yeast do that?” I said.

“Well, it just lifts the bread,” she said.  

Yeast lifts what would otherwise be flat, hard bread.  

What lifts your emotions in what would otherwise be your flat, hard life?  What lifts your emotions, helping you rise above your everyday problems to enjoy the full goodness of life?

Lift your emotions by believing that the impossible is possible, that in the smallest of experiences lies the largest of solutions, that the positive really is stronger than the negative, as you listen to life and make a positive life, not just a living, in a negative world.